Our Value Proposition:  

Just-in-time data collection in fruit orchards enables growers to be alerted, view, and manage a variety of situations, so they can deploy resources timely and effectively.  

Our Vision:

Robots will collaborate with farmers by collecting data, supporting decisions, operate in the fields to act on farmers’ decisions, and autonomously act on certain tasks. The robots can scout for issues and the farm manager can allocate labor towards fixing the problems only. 

Our Impact:

FrootBot optimizes the amount of labor to be applied in the early detection and treatment of problems. There is a shortage of workers available to drive row by row identifying leaks, managing hard to kill weeds, dealing with gophers, ants, fallen branches, bugs, fungus, dead plants, and more.  FrootBot helps detect and treat problems more effectively and earlier, thereby resulting in decreased risk of crop loss.